Plastic Monkey is a specialist in Luxury providing consultant services in 3 areas: Conceptual, Strategic and Educational.

We propose practical solutions to boost the capacity of your organisation in delivering Luxury experiences. We help your Brand to fulfil clients' intensifying demand for the authentic deal.

Our expertise in Luxury and Hospitality positions us best to address these interests, particularly when together.


We develop “Concept Blueprints” encapsulating global and local trends and aligned with our client’s tactics. We create differentiated experiences noticeable above the prevailing buzz.


We contribute to the spread of knowledge of Luxury inside Business Schools and Organisations. Our workshops’ are relevant to the work environment.


We assist Companies in developing efficient applications to improve their penetration in the markets of Luxury.


William Latour has been active within the Luxury hospitality for 3 decades with experience over 15 international destinations. In addition to managing large high end hotels in Asia, Africa, Middle-East and Europe, he has researched Luxury and launched Plastic Monkey, a company providing Intelligence in Luxury. He holds since 2012 an executive MBA from the Rheims Management School in France.

“Luxury is a magical elixir of commercial fortune from a well-ordered formula. It is so pervasive to our society that each of us has fostered his / her own credo. Luxury emerges from the genuine emotion of an extraordinary experience. From Ultra to Mass, Luxury is about Feelings, Experience, Holism. It mirrors our dream of a better life, our desire for dominance and self-gratification. It personifies our eccentric passion for Excellence.  Its constant mutation engenders one of the most resilient drivers of the Economy. Its potential is just immense.”