Strategic Development

We assist organisations in executing plans to maximise their success on the most discerning markets. We help them to increase the emotional value of their Brand and to convert it, into profit.

Market intelligence

Keeping observing the world of Luxury feeds our capacity to notice those emerging trends that make our solutions relevant on the long term.

Defining audience

We determine the different stereotypes inside the audience and the best way to answer their specific needs.

Identifying business potential

Every products has its audience, we identify  what is the most promising group of buyers for a particular project.

Concept Blueprint

At the very early stage of the development, we write a concept blueprint that define the objective of all parties involved. The Blueprint is the guidelines inside which the creative process express itself. It ensures that the down the line, the user’s real experience will match the initial intention of the creative Team.

Formulating vision and mission

We establish the mission and vision statement that guide the work of the collaborators. A clear objective assures that several creative processes converge towards the same ambition. Differentiation starts at this level.

Design Supervision

We support  the designers’ creative process by ensuring the alignment of the guests’ touch points. We review the various plans and suggest (when appropriate) ways to improve their commercial productivity.

Internal Alignment

We provide practical solutions to develop an internal culture of excellence wherein individual’s efforts converge towards the same aim. Internal Alignment is a prerequisite to the implementation of the holistic and intuitive approach of service which is expected by high-end users.

Luxury Workshops

We share our knowledge of Luxury with Business School Students and Managers in session ranging from a few of hours to a 3-day program. The objective of these sessions is to expand the understanding of the participants on the dynamics that govern the evolution of Luxury and how to apply them in the work environment.


We participate in Luxury and Hospitality professional conference and trade fairs.